Basic Substrate Choices

Basic Substrate Choices

How to choose a suitable insect substrate?
A basic introduction.

This is an online training in the Amusca Feed line of expertise.

You need a basic level of understanding of feed methodology and terms to follow the course successfully. You will receive a reader upfront and an intake test will be provided.

The training consists of 4 individual live webinar sessions of 1 hour. Upon completion of the intake test you will be enabled to schedule the webinar sessions.

After the training you have a basic understanding of the selection process for insect feed substrates in your local environment.

Subjects covered in the course

  • Feeding the Musca Domestica
  • Amusca technology
  • Logistics
  • Important Feed components
  • Larvae Substrates
  • Quality control
  • Markets for Insect Feed (basics)
  • Drying, Extruding, Grinding Technologies ( basics)
  • Matching calculations for substrates
  • Business case for substate component


  • Study the reader
  • Intake test
  • Exploring the legal framework in your area
  • Exploring the substrates in your area


The training is in English.

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